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Our Core Proprietary Courses

The following customized training courses and assessments are designed using the androgenic approach for the current workforce. It’s aimed at fully equipping every firm’s individual with high competencies to fulfill

the organizational goals to blend with the ever-changing market forces.

We also offer a series of professional services & customized Trainings:

 Consultancy Work

 Performance Coaching

 Bespoke Leadership & Communications Training

 Specialized Functional Area Training (Marketing/HR/Branding/Crisis Management)

 Cross Cultural Team Building

 Management Team Alignment 

 Facilitating leadership/management psychometric assessment & interpretation

Management Proficiency Testing: Our Behavioural Profiling Tool

Identifying management leadership competencies and working effectively with Different Personality Types. This program introduces the MAP 2 behavioral profiling tool for management assessment of proficiency is quintessentially a critical tool to allow mid managers and above to uncover and discover levels of competencies in management and assessing leadership qualities and behavioral style. We help you gain clear understanding on how each style varies, and how applying these learnings can aid in managing personal and working relationships

Overview of lesson plan:

  • What is MAP2 Management /leadership Behavioral Profiling?

  • Characteristics of MAP2. The 12 core management competencies/ personal traits & leadership qualities

  • Individual Profile Assessment (instructional/online)

  • Interpretation of individual result for different profiles

CIDEP , Convincingly Influencing Decisions through Effective Presentations

This program introduces to the participants how effective problem solving is essential to their daily life. The programs focus on developing the cognitive ability through critical and creative thinking communications.


Overview of lesson plan:​

  • Essential Qualities of a Presenter

  • Essential Presentation Skills

  • Verbal vs Non-Verbal Techniques

  • Presentation Preparation

  • The Elevator Pitch

  • Questioning Techniques

  • Presentation Assignment & Practice

  • Live Recording & Evaluation

META , Management Effective Team  Alignment

This program introduces to the participants on the importance of team effectiveness and what are the essential ingredients to concoct synergistic results.

Overview of lesson plan:​

  • Characteristics of Different Teams

  • Team Development Stages

  • Team Goal Settings

  • Aligning the common goals

  • Group problem solving

  • Team Communications

  • Team Motivation

BEC , Branding and Effective Communication

This program introduces the importance of branding and how effective communications can accelerate awareness on how can one practice effective communication to attain their desired outcomes from a conversation.


Overview of lesson plan:​

  • Creating Effective Brand Communication

  • Building brand reputation & Management Techniques

  • Creating brand value & promise

  • Establishing a brand culture & brand architecture

  • Increasing brand assets & equity

  • Positioning stakeholder mindset

  • Consistency in Messaging 

ECS , Effective Coaching Skills & Mentoring

This program aims to equip participants with the coaching skills and essential model for them to be

able to coach effectively. Program can be further customized to be carried out in house learning at workplace program. 


Overview of lesson plan:​

  • Characteristics and Behaviors of an Effective Coach

  • Coaching Concepts and Principles

  • Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Sensing the hot buttons & Triggers

  • Prepare for Coaching

  • Apply GROW Model to Coaching

  • Scenario Practices and Observation

TLS , Team Leadership for Supervisors

This program aims to equip participants with the necessary leadership skills for supervisors to perform their roles as leaders effectively. 


Overview of lesson plan:​

  • Understands the leadership framework for supervisors

  • Different types of leadership Styles

  • Effective Communications

  • Decision making and problem solving

  • Developing and motivating teams

  • Situation-based practices

TLM , Team Leadership for Managers

This program aims to equip participants with the necessary leadership skills for Managers to perform their role as a leader effectively. 

Overview of lesson plan:

  • Understands the Leadership framework for Managers

  • Different types of Leadership Style

  • Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Decision Making and Critical problem solving

  • Develop and Motivate Teams

  • Leadership Situation Test

TTP , Train the Trainer Program

This program aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to create and develop potential

trainers in the organisation.


Overview of lesson plan:

  • Development Process

  • Pedagogy VS Andragogy

  • Principle guidelines for effective delivery / Identifying types oftrainees and their needs

  • Establishing a safe holding training environment

  • Essential skill sets of a Training

  • Needs Analysis

  • How to develop an effective training program- Lesson planning

  • Presentation skills

  • Critical Andragogic Tools: Active engagements / Role plays/ OQ

  • E-learning or blended learning methods

  • Evaluation & Assessment of underpinning knowledge

CCIC , Cross-Cultural and Inter-Cultural Team Building Programs

This customized program is to provide a deep understanding of cross cultural values and achieving intercultural harmony & adapting to different work situations and work process.


Overview of lesson plan:

  • Cross Cultural differences

  • Looking through different lenses

  • Values, Acculturation, Enculturation & Adaptation.

  • Forms of Communication

Consultancy Services

These services stated herein provides management with out of the box functional tools for strategic and tactical implementation. The goal of this course is in increasing the efficiency and proficiency of the company’s executive workforce, and raising the firm’s threshold to meet competing forces and market place changes.


Overview of lesson plan:

  • Learning @ Work Program

  • Business & Change Management Consultancy

  • Marketing & PR consulting

  • HR management Consulting

  • China Business & Cross Cultural

  • Executive Coaching

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